Lead generation on Facebook


Date: Sunday 17 Jan, 2016 - Sunday 17 Jan, 2016
Time: 06:00 pm - 06:45 pm
Venue: 1971 - Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this workshop.

  • How to reach out to individuals who will most likely become your followers.
  • How to generate quality leads month after month using Facebook with targeted strategies, ads and funnels.
  • How to use tools like conversion tracking pixels & audience pixels
  • Understand Website Audience Pixel and learn how to Create Dynamic Retargeting Ads

This workshop is useful for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to generate customers from their Facebook page and/or drive traffic to their website. 


This workshop is free of charge. 

To register please contact Maraya Art Centre on +971 6 556 6555 or by e-mail at rsvp@maraya.ae