Poetic wall art by eL Seed on Sharjah Bank Street building

Maraya brought the striking calligraffiti of acclaimed French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed to the city of Sharjah in a compelling live outdoor street art initiative, Jedariya. The project, which aims to beautify Sharjah's streets while involving Sharjah's diverse youth population with the arts, consists of an elaborate painted calligraphy-styled mural on the walls of the Sharjah Bank Street building by eL Seed.

eL Seed is famous for his unique style of calligraphy - fusing elements of both the graffiti and Arabic calligraphic traditions - which uses complex design to call not only on the words and their meaning, but also on their movement and flow, luring the viewer into an alternate frame of mind.

Maraya Art Centre intends for all projects led under this initiative to have a community incentive, which sometimes can be as simple as merely getting young people involved in the arts, while at other times may require them to actively participate in aid of raising awareness for an important cause.



Maraya Art Centre, continues to enrich Sharjah’s cultural landscape, literally, with a life-size mural by MYNEANDYOURS. Jedariya, the live outdoor street art initiative presents a street artist to bring to life and beautify areas of the city with their signature style, bold colours and inspiration they find from Sharjah.

Born and raised in London, Iraqi Marwan Shakarchi moved to Dubai a year ago to pursue a career in the arts where he came up with the image of a cloud caricature with ‘x’s for eyes. The symbol that he has been using to represent his practice and has since become synonymous with the artist himself and various marketing elements such as stickers, postcards and key chains.

Interested in symbol repetition, Shakarchi likes to leave his mark on new surfaces, leaving people who come across it something to think about. Now with a much, much larger canvas, he hopes that his symbol will “open up a dialogue with the public, to inspire them to dream big, and to brighten up their day with strong colours, and a positive message.” 

The final product consisted of  colourful clouds rising from the ground to the sky against a grey backdrop, with lines which follow them representing motion, which in turn signify people’s motion to develop and move forward. This, he says, also reflects in all great initiatives, industries and cities, in particular art in Sharjah and the UAE.


Zena Adhami 

Maraya Art Centre has collaborated with Zena Adhami on the third edition of Jedariya. UAE born graphic artist Zena Adhami, drew inspiration from the Arabic phrase “Smile you are in Sharjah”, an iconic sign on Sharjah’s roundabout next to the port. “Any Sharjah resident can tell you a story or two on how that phrase has been a part of their making while living in this city. I personally wanted to give life again to that piece of history, by recreating a special font in another prime location, and with colors that evoke memories of our childhood in this city” says Zena Adhami.

You can visit Jedariya located next to Noor island entrance, on the Sharjah Corniche.