Islamopolitan - Kuwait

Islamopolitan - Kuwait

When: Thursday 12 Nov, 2015 10:00 AM - Wednesday 18 Nov, 2015 10:00 PM.
Venue: The Flag Island Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

1971 — Design Space will be participating in Nuqat, a non-profit organisation based in Kuwait City that provides training programmes, lectures and cultural entertainment. The design space will be showcasing  “Islamopolitan” exhibition . This show sheds the light on the conversation between Islam and design, it argues that this dialogue should not only focus on decorative characteristic. The name Islamopolitan is inspired by (Islam+Cosmopolitan) this term was chosen specifically for this exhibition as it conotates  multiculturalism and diversity but also contextualisim.

The show’s exhibitors and their work include:

Nanu Al Hamad – “Al Safa w Al Marwa”

Jassim Al Nashmi – “Massallah”

Azra Aksamija– “Nomadic Mosque” and “Flocking Mosque”

Zahed Sultan – “Islamopolitan”

Zarah Hussain – “Abstraction”

Ammar Al Attar – “Saudi Arabian Airlines Prayer Room”

Khalda El Jack – “Flower Bomb”

Nadine Kanso – “Al Shahadah – Ring”

Shuruq Nahas – “Modern Islamic Motif Design”

Islamopolitan, which was launched in 2014 in Sharjah, is now becoming a platform to encompass regional and international designers and creatives. Working in various fields,

they will produce new and original works that fall into multiple categories such as art, design, music and research. The aim behind this new platform is to expand the ever-growing Islamopolitan collection, which has been continuously traveling since its conception in 2014 and that will continue to travel around the world.