DE.FASH.STRUCTION - Telling Stories Through Fashion

DE.FASH.STRUCTION - Telling Stories Through Fashion

When: Wednesday 07 Oct, 2015 10:00 AM - Saturday 26 Dec, 2015 10:00 PM.
Venue: The Flag Island Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Curated By: Khulood Thani

The designers in De.Fash.Struction explore ways of documenting the United Arab Emirates’ rich cultural heritage through the medium of contemporary fashion. They employ the techniques of deconstruction in their newly commissioned projects for this exhibition.

The commissioned designers document the country’s story through a detailed process of research. They took inspiration from features of the local environment such as the coastline, as well as native agricultural methods, the desert way of life, indigenous architecture and Emirati dress codes and cuisine.

The designers also researched craft skills, highly prized in the UAE; these include talli, safeefa and sadu. They also examined traditional cultural practices including fishing, sailing, pearling, falconry, the cultivation of date palm trees and horse and camel racing.

The exhibited designs take these cultural narratives as source material using the deconstruction technique. Deconstruction in fashion implies an undoing of the structure of a garment, a refusal to ‘finish’ it. It suggests working with subtractions or displacements and a rethinking of the function and meaning of the garment itself, which might even appear to be coming apart. Deconstruction techniques enable a dialogue with the past that allows designers to imagine new futures. A recurring motif of deconstruction fashion is the reversal of the relation between the body and the garment and the use of humble or recycled materials. It challenges the relationship between memory and modernity, the enduring and the ephemeral. Garments call attention to the mechanics of their production which in turn becomes a process of analytic creation.

The exhibition includes womenswear, menswear, abayas, jewellery, leather goods, accessories, shoes, bags, textile design and installation. Documentation of the  designers’ research and design process will also be shown.De.Fash.Struction will feature the work of emerging and established designers based in the UAE, the Gulf region and beyond.


Participating Designers:

Jewellery/ Accessories

Talin Hazbar

Alia Bin Omair

Amal Haliq

Bahar Al Bahar

Nadine Kanso

Mirjam Hiller




Alia Dawood

Khalid Shafar

Faissal El Malak


Fashion/ RTW

Tahir Sultan

Ahmad Alanzi


Ayah Al Bitar

Pose/ Arazzi

Fatema Fardan

Katya  Kovtunovich


Tina Luther

Tijana Mladenovic


Fashion Photography

Saeed Khalifa