Khalid Shafar: Naturally re-oriented

Khalid Shafar: Naturally re-oriented

When: Monday 11 Mar, 2013 12:00 AM - Thursday 31 Dec, 2015 12:00 AM.
Venue: Maraya Art Centre, Al Qasba, Block (E), Third Floor (Maraya Art Gallery)

Maraya Art Centre commissioned a site specific project by Emirati furniture & objects designer Khalid Shafar. Shafar will intervene in the space transforming completely the perception of the venue and creating a sort of disorientation effect through an installation that will tell us a story through recycling and past.

The installation was inspired by the common visual comes to mind when imagining a date farm; many palm trees lined up to create pathways in between. Fully shaded space by the palm fronds allowing minimum sun light to penetrate across the fronds creating interesting geometric shapes when looking up, a quiet space that is occupied by the sounds of birds, water and light wind. A space where a person can meditate and relax among nature surrounded with one of the most popular plant through civilizations, religions, and cultures – The Palm tree.

In this installation, nature is reinterpreted by looking at the materials used that come from natural resources and put together in a static form. 3 main natural materials are reinterpreted in this installation; Wood, Coconut Tree Fibres, & Henna plant/leaves. All wooden objects such as The Palm trunks and benches used in this installation are made of recycled construction timber that had been reused many times and been left in the outdoor for long period. This kind of material is specifically used to reflect the nature of the real palm trees being one of the toughest plants to survive the different weather conditions. Also, it’s an ecological statement for recycling this wood in some good use. Whereas walls will be covered by a material that is made purely from coconut tree fibres that will create a warm feel to the space. In addition, the natural smell of the tree fibres will stimulate the visitors’ senses and imagination. The ceiling will display different motifs and designs of Henna (hand decoration for women) represented in hand design cut outs playing the role of palm tree fronds. This Henna in reality is made of crushed henna (hina) natural leaves mixed with water and the mixture used in tubes to create special designs on the hands of girls and women; therefore the interpretation of this natural material in such design approach.