A Model Studio: By Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver


When: Sunday 24 May, 2015 10:00 a.m. - Monday 30 Nov, 2015 10:00 p.m.
Venue: Maraya Art Centre First Floor (The Community), Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

'A Model Studio' was conceived of by sound artists Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver as a space for creativity  where improvisation is encouraged. The studio was created for their solo exhibition 'Systems for a Score' at Tashkeel, Dubai, January 2015, which took Atari computer code, glitched by the artists, as a graphic score (a way to read directions for playing an instrument, that doesn't require the performer to read music). The studio was donated by the artists to Maraya Art Centre to hopefully inspire people from the wider Emirates to be imaginative with the space. 'A Model Studio' can be a stage for performance, for recording speech or musical audio for radio or podcasts, it might be used for meetings or Skypes, filming or experimenting with reading aloud.

If you want to, please tag the artists and let them know how you've used it.

"We chose Maraya Art Centre as it's a place and The Community for which we have much respect."

@faribrad @cjohnweaver


About the Artists:

Fari Bradley
British-Iranian musician and sound artist Fari Bradley composes and creates sound sculptures. A seasoned experimental improviser, she has performed live and composed commissions for orchestral performances at the V & A Museum, Parasol Unit and the London Festival of Architecture, and was 2013 artist in residence with Sound and Music. Bradley DJs fringe genres live on London’s arts-music radio station Resonance104.4FM and at electronic music festivals, from Beirut to Glastonbury. 

Chris Weaver
Named by the British Academy of Songwriters as 'Sonic Artist of the Year' 2013, Chris Weaver is a sound artist, performer and audio hardware hacker. Weaver specialises in broadcast and architectural installations, and has participated in festivals from Glastonbury Festival to The Wellcome Trust. Major works include “Suspension of Belief” a five hour live radio broadcast for rock climbers and musicians; and “No Such Object” for 880 synthesisers, installed on the summit of an extinct volcano in Scotland.