Watercolour Painting inspired by Abdul Qader Al Rais Works


When: Tuesday 29 Nov, 2016 05:30 p.m. - Tuesday 29 Nov, 2016 07:00 p.m.
Venue: Maraya Art Centre, Al Qasba, Block (E), First Floor (Maraya Community)
Fees: 30 AED

In this workshop students will experiment with colors, designs and patterns as they create a watercolor painting in the style of Abdul Qader Al Rais, then move to a demonstration of how to paint local traditional architectural such as windows and doors, wind towers, palm-frond buildings, seascapes and desert-scape inspired by his works.

To register please contact Maraya Art Centre on +971 6 556 6555 or by email at


About the artist:

Abdul Qader Al Rais paints landscape and architectural scenes inspired by traditional Emirati neighborhoods, buildings and forts using a photorealistic style. The established artist also creates abstract paintings incorporating Arabic letters. The use of small floating squares is a signature style carrying through Al Rais’ works.